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The world of interior design can be overwhelming, especially for most of us on a budget! Most are not experts in interior design, may have a hard time visualizing their ideal finished rooms, and do not have the luxury or the desire to hire a designer. But it can be difficult to know where to start and how to sort through all of the information out there! Let PLAN + ELEVATE help!


We’ve established the right information to give you the important answers you need. You decide the speed, length of time and what you want to learn. Each video can be paused to finish later, or reviewed if needed. It’s simple to use, so get started today!


There are several cost and plan options—you can choose the one that works for you. Learn one thing now and build on it later. Or take the full course and be on your way to mastering the principles of interior design. Start creating your dream home today!

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ART: Why You Need It In Your Home & How To Use It Effectively.

Free Guide  ART: Why You Need It In Your Home & How To Use It Effectively.

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