Working with us virtually to receive design guidance

If you need more personalized design solutions, a second opinion on selections you chose, have questions about the design process, or need specific feedback relating to your space, then this video consultation is for you! What is included and how does it work?

  • Purchase a 1-on-1 virtual chat with us! We will work with you to choose a meeting date and time via email. Once booked, we will send you an invitation to your personal remote meeting via zoom.

  • Your mobile device’s camera allows you to show us your room(s), or you can use the Zoom “screen share” option to share your saved designs, Pinterest idea boards, etc.

  • We suggest to start with one meeting, but feel free to book another time slot if you feel you need more time to discuss topics on your list.

  • Come back and book meetings as often as needed. We're looking forward to helping you with your project!

  • Feel free to email any questions about the process to