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RULES, BUDGETING & MAKING DECISIONS: How To Avoid The Home Decor Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making And Learn How To Overcome Them Without Feeling Intimidated.

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At PLAN+ ELEVATE, we have created a series of video tutorials to teach you how to do interior design for your own home. This unique program is organized in a step-by-step format and focused on the essentials of home decor. We also offer additional design consultation services, virtually via video, to answer your individual design questions. These are available in half-hour sessions.

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  • How It Works

    It’s so simple. Just create an account and watch the free video “Top Ten Tips”. Then choose the area, or areas, you want to learn more about, and start watching the videos in that class. When you are done, download the resources and get to work on your project, or sign up for another class!

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  • Video Series

    Each class includes in-depth lessons about finding inspiration, determining color palettes, how to sample paint colors correctly, choosing materials, creating furniture layouts, measuring, creating and maintaining a project worksheet and so much more, including tons of downloadable tools!

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    Come join us! We’ll be delighted to teach you the tools you need. It’s fun, efficient, and you’ll be able to make design choices with confidence. We look forward to helping you create a well-appointed home you love, no matter the budget.

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    Choose any one of our nine individual class options, including video lessons and downloads


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    Unlimited access to all nine individual classes combined in one full course


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    Unlimited access to all nine individual classes + one 30-minute personal video consultation with our design expert


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    One 30-minute personal video consultation with our design expert


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Watch Anna's
Top Ten Tips to Design
Your Home Like a Pro

A woman teaching you how to make a design board for interior design projects in the comfort of your own home. Showing fabric samples and paint swatches.